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Facebook & Twitter

Posted on April 27, 2012 at 7:29 PM Comments comments (5194)
As we know them as popular sites to  interact with friends and family. Facebook was launched in February 4, 2004, founders were Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Currently has over 8 million active users. Facebook was initially from the colloquial name for the book given to students at the start of the academic year by some university administrations in the United States to help students get to know each other. A user must be registered before using the site after which they can, send messages, update their status
Twitter on the other hand was first started in July 15, 2006 by: Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams, Biz Stone. With twitter many people are able to send and receive text based posts up to 140 characters known as "tweets". Currently has over 300 million users. We use social media to meet new people and interact with existing people. Personally, I 've heard of persons where these social media helped them to find a relationship other times their relationship is broken up due to these websites. My question to you is.....
Has social media positively or negatively impacted your life?

Faithfulness: a lesson to learn

Posted on April 27, 2012 at 7:24 PM Comments comments (230)
Relationships?  They tend to be complicated at times, involves alot of compromise, understanding, love, most of all needs God to be at the forefront.
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This is a story about a young girl who had the life anyone could ask for. She
had a loving family a mother who was the executive director of  a famous insurance company, father the owner of a very popular bank in Kingston. Let's say her name is Sara- she was a beautiful young girl 19 years old. She had all her subjects all with distinctions and was attending University. Her dream was to be a fashion designer and a pediatrician. She was what all the men was looking for as an ideal woman to be with she a had looks, personality, and a smile to die for.
Had she got much experience with relationships or men? No she did not. But in a world like this there are preys ready to devour her true pride.
One day she was in the town doing some shopping, in fact it was a very hot summer back in 2010. While she was going around the town she happened to stop at a perfume store. A guy was there watching her from the minute she set foot into the store. He was a very brave fellow and was not afraid of rejection. He introduced himself to Sara and
Sara had a liking for this young man- she always see the young man but never had the courage to say "hello". His name was Criss. Criss and Sara started to hang out alot that summer and they had quiet a lot going going, they had so much in common and they like almost everything.
By now you should know that Sara and Criss are in a relationship. To her he was her soul mate- he was very nice looking, had good manners, faithful, committed, a gentleman, all rounded, down to earth,knows how to make a girl feel appreciated, kind hearted but a little gangster but that was ok for her. It was about a month in the relationship and they thought they had known each so well, so they had to take things to another level.
She did her investigation very thoroughly this time, she wanted to know everything there was to him. Criss was in no playing with Sara he knew what he wanted, and that was a serious relationship. Something sparked between them that Sara could not explain; could that be true love finally appearing before her eyes? They could not be apart for very long there was a very strong communication between them it was like two hearts communicating with each other. She was out of a rough patch and Criss was a very understanding guy and very willing to help her get over her past. She questioned herself ever so often if he could be trusted, she prayed day and night. Although there was a question, her instinct just say "go ahead he can be trusted", she did not question it she followed her heart and continued the relationship with Criss.
He wanted to have sex with Sara. Sara had only one relationship in the past that lasted a couple of years; but ended since that guy was not faithful. She wanted a break. She was not the type to throw herself at men, or become promiscuous. Since it had been about a month since the break up; with this new found guy, sex was something she definitely had in mind.
They did not have anything planned one day they hang out on the beach, they were having so much fun that day. And it seems like every time Criss is around Sara he could not keep his hands off her. Things were getting too intense between the two, the attraction was too much to handle. They decided to hang out at a private place where they could be abit more open with their feelings. So they happened to reach a hotel in the area and things did get even more intense.Yes, they had sex and it was something they kept on doing, every time they got the chance to. It was too hard to keep them apart; they were so much in love. Seven months passed and they were still going strong, he met Sara's parents, of course they like him and she met Criss's parents they loved her. To them she was very nice to produce grand-kids.
Couple years passed and the relationship was going strong, they had God in their heart and they went through alot together from Sara going to University and even finishing her degree and Criss being a Car dealer in the area, the distance did not keep them apart. The love was very strong they trusted each other and everything was great. They had their little quarrels now and them but they found a way to resolve it. Criss was from a very good background his father always taught him to treat women with respect and to never give up, he was also taught never to go to bed with issues at heart. He and Sara always discuss any issues as they arise, he knew how to deal with the problems as they arrive. To him she was the "wife". He gave her everything there was to give they were just perfect foe each other. There was not a moment where Criss regret meeting Sara, he appreciated her for the person she is and she made his a very happy man.
It was exactly 2years and 9months Criss decided to take things to another level, he was 31 and thought it was just about time to get settled with his relationship. He had marriage in mind. And he was going to propose the Sara. They got married and had 2 beautiful children. Criss was a indeed a faithful man. They were a very happy couple and did many fun outings as a family.
Let's take a look back at Sara's relationship before she met Criss.
They met at a Christmas voluntary program. Sara was 16 years old and was very sociable but not that experienced in the mature world.She was introduced to Jarret by her sister and from there they became good friends. They talked about life and a whole lot more. Jarret was the kind of guy who knows his way around women, he was an "in the streets youth" he was very sociable, very friendly and well known by everyone and single as he told her. They started hanging out and it was fun. Of course he drove a Honda crv. He was very humble in character and down to earth. A few months after knowing each other Jarret wanted to get intimate with Sara, first he asked her for a kiss, she was very hesitant, she did not know how to do it. Jarret was a very patient fellow, he waited- because of course she was worth the wait.
One kiss lead to many more, but that alone could not keep Jarret interested. He wanted to do something more interesting, something more exciting. One night she was with him in his car, they kissed and fondled until they had sex that night. Yes, he took her innocence right there and then in the Honda crv. It was something unusual to Sara, something very special for Jarret- it was the best thing that had ever happened to him.
From there on they started having sex and doing it regular anywhere they can. They went everywhere, they had dinner, trips, movies, he took care of her very well. They were in love, they had a clear understanding, they trusted each other. 
Two years passed and things started to change, he became distant, he hardly call and things no longer sparked between them. Sara decided to do some investigation. She dug up everything she possibly could. She went on face book to get information searched long and hard, went through his photos check the tags, but to no avail there was nothing to be found. She used other phones to trick him into thinking it was some old chick so she could play him but that did not work. Sh asked his friends about him but they had nothing to tell. One thing she realized was that she was never introduced to his parents but he was introduced to hers- now that was unbelievable after two years.
She had to take action, so she created a fake face book account and added Jarret, there was something very interesting going on with him. He did in fact have another relationship with someone out the of the country. She also had a baby for him which was very shocking because he never mentioned any of that; he seem like the perfect guy all  single and well mannered at first. They had been together for 10years and was engaged but she was in the states living but only vacation to Jamaica when she gets the opportunity to. Well it seem like she had vacationed for almost 7months now. And there Sara started to put two and two together and realize that, that's the reason he was no longer that interested. She was so shocked, she had given him his all and now to find out all this it was heart breaking.
The best thing about Sara was that she was the type of person who did not let anything bad get her from enjoying life. It was a definite heart break to really find out in such a way. What Jarret did was that he hid his information, he restricted his statuses from certain people and she was one of them. He was a player in the game for years he was very precise and he did not let any hint known.
Angry she was she immediately let him know she was done with all the games, what he wanted was a lady to roll with but when his "wifey" came, her time was put on pause, how unfair? She left the message along with some photos of their relationship waiting for a response there was none.
She cried but that was just wasted tears she had to stop and let go of what was already done.
One day she got a call from him on what she had written and how it had caused his engagement to be at risk she did not bother to waste her time arguing, obviously he was never serious about her; she hung up the phone.
Time to move on and forget about Jarret. Of course she had several ways to get over them but none worked she was always thinking about him and what a mistake she made. If only she should have done her investigation before she made any serious move. She tried many ways to get over him: trying to talk to many persons at once going out with different persons, flirting. But none worked. Although she was going through a phase she did not have sex with any of the people she hung out with.
She gave up, she decided to forgive herself of the mistake she had made and slowly she forgot about him. She decided to take a break from all the drama and just take time to notice the finer things in life, time to appreciate the things God has blessed her with. That she did and she prayed never to fall into the hands of another player. She kept her faith and remained calm. God did deliver her and that;s where she met the love of her life Criss.
In life, all the decisions we make will affect our tomorrow. Life present itself for us to mess up so we could realize where we went wrong and move on with  lesson well taught. Fate has a way of getting people together and breaking them apart. The fact still remains we are the driver of our own destiny. Nothing in this life happens without a reason, we may not know the reason but one day and some how the reason will be known. How faithful are you? Have you ever cheated? How do you view your relationship?

Friends & Friendship

Posted on November 25, 2011 at 2:57 PM Comments comments (144)
FriendshipA real friend is hard to find, difficult to leave and impossilble to forget

Friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life.
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A real friend is someone who you can forgive for anything, someone who is real and can be trusted; never used or even abused.Friends should always be cherished, loved, kind, respected & sympathetic to each other.
Are you a real friend? Do you have a real friend? or is the world filled with fake-friends pretending to be real?

Gangsters vs Gent

Posted on November 8, 2011 at 4:44 PM Comments comments (200)
In today's society, men like to classify themselves as a gangster, others like to called a gentleman.
as we know them as bad influence,mobsters, criminals who is a member of a gang, snipers etc. Gangsters present themselves  as rough & tough,ignorant willing to pick a fight over the smallest of things, emotionally wise-they tend not to express their feelings towards the opposite sex since this is characterized as being "soft" and this is something they despise since it's not apart of their reputation as a "GANGSTER".
the smooth type, can be defined as a civilized, educated, sensitive, or well mannered man. They  usually dress up in fine style, often times referred to as the romantic type. He follows the protocols of social interchange between people of quality. He says the right things at the right times. He will even do good things for people. They know how to express their thoughts thoroughly when it comes on to women and yes, they have more respect and good morals.
But is this really true?
Which one fits your description guys?


Posted on August 3, 2011 at 9:32 PM Comments comments (80)
The process as we know it as- "getting old". Aging in humans refers to a multidimensional process of physical, psychological, and social change. Age happens with time and as many people may not see it take effect immediately but YES it's happening. Personally I am afraid of aging- the mare fact that physically my skin will get wrinkled and my bones will get old without any use,  my brain will one day no longer work as fast and I wont remember things readily, my eyes will get blind- *gosh* all these makes me feel really bad.
It's a process that cannot be avoided BUT there are means of cheating the system. Thanks to anti-aging products I have "hope" in eliminating and fighting the worst effects – wrinkles, sagging skin, skin marks and other features.
A few of these products are: Dermaxin which provides the most quality assurance for people with a micro-emulsion formula that softens hardened facial features, such as lines around the mouth, and creates a fading effect for those troublesome crows’ feet and forehead wrinkles around the rest of the face. Darphin comes in second as an anti-aging cream that serves as one of the highest-rated anti aging product- acting as an anti-aging moisturizer, it uses Iris, Aloe Vera, and Horsetail extracts that soften facial features and reduces signs of aging around the face. Skinlastin comes  third with a variety of oil-based ingredients that serve to reduce collagen production, ensure hydration of the skin and face, and improve skin texture, softness, and firmness. Finally there is Lancome – one of the most popular anti-aging products out there today – promotes hydration and a reduction in fine lines in wrinkles.
Because of the high demand and the increase in technology statistics show that many people are living much longer now. Really? Don't you want to live forever young?

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Posted on May 4, 2011 at 5:02 PM Comments comments (166)
lookin good
There is no way you can have a really nice outfit without a really good pair of shoes to make you "pop"!!!!
Our feet take a great deal of punishment every day. They support our weight and carry us from place to place. We may wear shoes that are not right for the size and shape of our feet or for our activities. Many people do not give much thought to shoe selection. If you only consider style and not fit when buying shoes, you may invite problems with your feet.
sexy shoes
Here are 7 tips on selecting a really good pair of shoes to match your outfit and benefit you as an individual:  
  1. Test shoes by standing on one foot at a time. Wiggle your toes and stand on your tiptoes. Shoes should bend at the same place where your foot bends.
  2. Never buy a shoe thinking it needs to be stretched out or "broken in" before it is comfortable. Purchase a shoe that is comfortable right from the start.
  3. Be sure that you have one-half inch of space from the end of your big toe to the tip of the shoes.
  4. Make sure that the widest part of your foot comfortably fits the widest part of the shoe.
  5. Buy athletic and work shoes that meet the stability, support, protection, and cushioning requirements for what you do.
  6. Beware of high-heeled shoes. Women are at risk for developing a variety of foot and posture problems as a result of wearing high heels.
  7. Pick a shoe that will compliment the colors of your attire, always make sure that it is durable and can wear to more than one occasion. Would you really want a shoe that you spend a lump some on and you only wear it once? How often do you see ladies in the streets in some "flip flops" as they walk less than couple feet- it breaks apart?
It's a popular trend where people buy shoes smaller than their feet-walking and hopping (ladies), simply because they don't want their feet to look "BIG"? I know right? Simply stupidity.
<<<---How about women who tend to wear heels that are too high which makes then topple over, Men? Do you find that attractive or is it plain embarrassment?  
Really of a fact women should always wear comfortable shoes that helps with their posture, not shoes that will make them walk "weird"<<--that's not COOL!!!!! This goes for the men as well, although personally I have never seen a man who has a pair of shoe that's obvious the shoe does not fit his foot. WOMEN you need to be more PRECISE on your selection don't you think?

Setting the Trend- Men and Skinny Jeans

Posted on May 4, 2011 at 10:47 AM Comments comments (85)
Fashion is all about TREND, whether you create it on your own or follow what's "hot" in the streets.
Research has proven that  skinny jeans were made by accident. One day, a designer wanted to make a pair of jeans. When he started making them, he got the measurements of the fabric wrong, which resulted in a pair of form-fitting pants. He slapped them on a popular socialite and they became a trend for women. Decades later, they were all the rage for men.
Personally I think men look really good in skinny jeans, but sometimes they over do things and make them way too tight and that's where it looks really BAD. Straight jeans for men has been a popular trend in Jamaica and other parts of the world for quite some time now. Is it really hot? Will it get "stale" like the other style of clothing that ONCE existed? MEN? Do you like to wear skinny jeans? Are you comfortable wearing the "new" style of jeans?

Make-up and Fashion

Posted on May 3, 2011 at 11:59 AM Comments comments (32)
make-up tend to set the trend for any ocassion. be on top of the game and produce results that will make people follow YOUR fashion trend
Yes....... you have the perfect outift.. but what about the trendiest shades in make-UP?
Make-up is a mean of beautifying yourself and to cover the flaws that you'd rather not show the world. Not everyone is a fan of makeup, natural is good but how about those persons who eat, sleep and dream make-up. There are several types of make-up available:
Lipstick – one of the most commonly used make up types. This is intended to be used on the lips in order to add color as well as texture. There are several varieties that contain chemicals which make lips appear plumper than usual without the need for expensive collagen injections.
Foundation – considered as the base, it is applied on the face to even out our skin tone and give it a smooth, velvety feel. It comes in a variety of colors as well as coverage types. So whether you’re looking for something thick or sheer in terms of coverage, you would be able to find something that suits your needs.
Blush – is used on the cheekbones in order to add more color. Typically, it is made of talcum or powder but there are variations today that come in either gel or cream form.
Eye shadow – this serves the same purpose as the blush but is applied on the eyelids and under the eyebrows instead. It draws more attention to that particular area and is used to create depth and dimension.
Mascara – goes right on our eyelashes in order to make them appear fuller, thicker, darker and longer. The different variations of this can come in either liquid or cream form and is applied with the use of a mascara wand.
Eyeliner – appears in the form of a thin pencil with kohl inside. It is often used together with the eye shadow in order to further define the eyes and give it more depth. These commonly come in either black or brown but one would also be able to find them in lighter and more colorful hues.
the eye?  one to the most feature that capyures anyone!  the style you add, the level of unique design added will be benificial to the outcome of your full attire
 "The PERFECT outfit" =the perfect make-up that will "pop"!!!Natural beauty? Some people have it, but after all that thinking and putting that effort into finding the perfect outfit you want to add some make-up that will "SPARK" and to highlight the beauty abit more. Moderation is best  but never try to over do it, since that will throw the "perfect attire" off the hook. Be creative in designing eyeshadows, and use colors that compliment your skin and dress. Using the right tools and techniques in applying make-up will produce excellent results. But sometimes that's not always the case with every woman. If you have second thoughts before you leave the house, think again I am sure you don't want to be seen in the "perfect outfit" looking like a CLOWN. How often do you see persons in the town with make
up that looked horrible? That makes you think, think and think even more. Men? do you like to see when your ladies get dressed and their make-up is so stunning, you get "second thoughts" wondering "DAWM !!!!!!" is she really yours? Because she is looking REALLY HOT?

Feeling GREAT looking even BETTER

Posted on April 21, 2011 at 6:33 PM Comments comments (104)
at the party or in the streets being simple is cool but make sure your fashion stands out the most
Have you ever been in  the situation where you were well dressed, walking the streets; and then something happened- someone is in the same outfit as the one you are wearing and they looked really BAD?
I have experienced that before and it was one of my worst days. I seriously wanted to go home and changed but time did not permit, so I had to go through the day with that BAD  feeling. The worst part was that the person's  garment did not match their bodily feature. I had to stop for a while and take a good look in a store window- just to do an overall check! The thing that hurts the most was that my attire looked so good and looking at the other person they just looked "awful". I mean there is no way they could have left their house thinking they looked good when that outfit was smaller than their actual size!
Then I had to think of several ways to upgrade my closet and find unique clothes that was not that  popular. There also was a time when the attire was so good, I felt really awsome strutting my body in the streets looking and feeling indifferent. Comments were just "wowing" me, I know I had something going on, I had clothes that fit my figure that also complemented my skin tone.
I was feeling GREAT and looking even BETTER
the little black dress that evryone has hiding inm their closet. dont try to fit in flatter yourself with something that will make you UNIQUE from the crowd.
People wanted to know where I bought my clothes, who made my clothes and how I came up with so many designs that made me look so sophisticated! I mean,  if your clothes makes you feel so GREAT inside and out, why not continue to find the good designs? I love clothes I love the "dresing-up kind of thing". Plus when people  see clothes that are "trendy" they want to wear it also and when that happens you could end up in the same scenario as the one above. So, the best solution is to THINK....THINK and THINK! Think of ways to mix and match, use different colours,  different patterns, add something that will look unique. Don't forget NEVER wear clothes that does not match your body size or weight. With all these secret solutions you'll be on your way to Feeling GREAT and looking even BETTER!!!!