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Workplace fashion is a very subjective issue. While men are relatively immune to it (usually), women are more affected by it. This is simply due to the greater variety of work wear that women have access to and, no offense, greater implications on what they wear due to their different body make up.Workplace fashion, if done wrongly, can do a lot of things. For one, it will invite unwanted attention.

Dress provocatively, and male colleagues might think that you would be open to invitation to dinner, and perhaps more. Female colleagues, on the other hand, would react the opposite way, feeling that you might be trying to gain the favor of the male staff, or (God forbid) even the boss. Unwanted attention gained, will definitely lead to unwanted gossip about you. And the way gossip goes, your reputation will be hurt, and you will be renown in the office for deeds done and deeds claimed in your name by the gossips. 

All this boils down to the nature of office politics, and the dress code is unfortunately an integral part of it. If you were familiar with the game, you would be familiar with the limits of how you can dress without starting a verbal civil war in your workplace. For the relatively newly recruited, take heed.

For starters, know clearly what the office dress code states. Depending from place to place, the dress code will vary from smart casual to formal. These you have more room to work with. Other dress codes are more specific, such as requiring a collared tee or stating that you have to wear heels to work. Check on accessories as well - some companies frown upon facial piercing and excessive jewelry.

This of course is where Heaven's Classiques comes in to help you put together an appropriate attire so you feel confident, comfortable and happy. Remember what you wear reflects your level of professionalism with which you do your job, as well as tells on how your company views itself and its employees. 

Remember Ladies:

Nails should be well groomed for work at all times.

Hair do should not be too extravagant.

Heels? Ladies? always wear heels that are manageable and comfortable. Desist from wearing something that hurts your feet whole day.

Make up should not be too bright and glitter for work is not recommended.